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9th June 2021

Chloe selected as 'Designate Winner' in International Conducting Competition Rotterdam

Chloe has been chosen as the youngest of six 'Designate Winners' in the inaugural ICCR. From 1st-3rd June, 24 selected nominees battled it out in selection rounds, working with Sinfonia Rotterdam on repertoire from Haydn, Mozart and Beethoven to Stravinsky. 


At the end of the two rounds, six conductors were selected to go forward to final competition in May and June 2022. They are given the title 'designate winner' to reflect that fact that each has been deemed skilled enough to pursue a successful career, and each receives prizes of career mentoring and support over the next two years. The 2022 rounds offer the chance for each conductor to showcase their work in a series of concerts of varying repertoire, working with number of esteemed orchestras including the Orchestra of the Eighteenth Century and the Rotterdam Philharmonic Orchestra. 

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